Bicycles for Nepal

GOAL: $15,000.00

RAISED: $12,785.00


A bicycle for a girl in Nepal is worth so much more than just a way of transportation. Many of our girls walk for miles to get to their school which reduces the time they have available to study. By having a bike, it will provide a safe and efficient way for the girls in the program to get to and from school and more time for them to focus on important things. Bicycles help to make more things available for these girls and their families. For low income families, they help bring education and employment, making it easier to access schools, doctors, food, and jobs. But most importantly, these girls not walking or relying on public transportation keeps them safe and away from dangerous and unpredictable scenarios on their way to and from school. It’s an affordable and reliable component in the transformation of her life. Donations can be made in any increment. For every $88 funded, we will be able to purchase one bike for a girl in the program.




Peg Ohman
Phone: 248-786-0644

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