Care Packages for High School Students

GOAL: $4,000.00

RAISED: $3,025.00


As we gear up to head to Kenya for our first time since January of 2020, our team is prepping for numerous things. We’re planning our route of our three weeks on the ground, gathering letters from sponsors to take with us, and funding for care packages for the High School Students. Every visit we see the students who are boarding away at high school, we bring individual bags with soap, new toothbrushes, school supplies like pens and paper, sanitary pads for the girls, CANDY, and more. We always look a little crazy when we walk into the market in Kenya to purchase carts full of these items, but we love knowing we’re investing back in the economy in these communities and bringing a bag of goodies to our kids on your behalf. We appreciate your generosity and know that after a very hard year and a half, they will be ecstatic to receive some new essentials.

Peg Ohman
Phone: 248-786-0644

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