Chemolingot Motorcycle

One of our children’s homes needs transportation help! Your donation will help our manager in Chemolingot get a motorcycle (the main mode of transportation in the Pokot) to get to children boarding away at high schools, that aren’t in the nearby villages, in a safe and efficient way. Since the children’s test scores place them in schools across the country, all of our secondary education children attend over 75 schools in Kenya. The terrain can be unsafe and the distance can be far, sometimes taking over four hours one way to visit one kid, so having a reliable vehicle to help our manager get to them would considerably help our efforts to continue serving as many children as we can in a timely matter. As well as visiting the children away at school, this will be a key component of helping our staff run errands, making doctors accessible, and an easier way to pick up and transport food to the home. Help us mobilize the Chemolingot community as the number of children we add to the program continues to rapidly grow.

Peg Ohman
Phone: 248-786-0644

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